Getting hashes: submitting a GET Request to our rest API


Getting hashes can be done by submitting a GET Request to our rest API.

cURL command:

curl "{64char-id}".

  1. The provided transaction-id must have the length of 64 characters. If not, an error message will be returned
  2. The average time a ledger closes is 5,5 seconds. When you try to get a hash that is stored only a second ago, you will not be able to retrieve the hash. Try again in a couple of seconds (error message is given).

Examples (json output): (successful) (failure, wrong (failure, empty result)

Example (pdf output):


In case of success:

   "message":"storing hash succesfull",

Extra information on returned JSON:
  1. memo: the hash is stored in binairy format on the stellar blockchain. Standard output is base64 encoded raw output (44 chars).
  2. memo (hex. format): hash in 'normal' hexadecimal format (64 chars.). Conversion is done by: >bin2hex(base64_decode(--hash--))

In case of failure:

   "status":"Bad Request",
   "message":"Bad request: --error message--"